The Gidgee Guitar Slide

The Gidgee Slide is a new design on a very old concept with new options for the 21 century slide player.  Made from an exotic Australian hardwood called Gidgee, world famous instrument maker Mitch Smith ( has partnered with Canadian/American singer/songwriter William Thomas Anderson to make a slide that’s a first of its kind with a totally original feel and distinctive tone.

The slide comes are sized by the interior diameter, Small – 18mm, Medium – 20mm and Large – 22mm

The hardwood has a instantly recognizable tone that gives the high frequencies a natural compression where brass or glass are typically harsh to the ears and awards room for more and more gain when needed.  Gain is a critical element for most slide guitarists as the more gain that can be afforded to the signal path the more sustain will result on the notes played.  With this natural compression the guitar amp can be turned up much louder than with brass or glass slides giving a much more pleasing tone and greater playablity for the guitarist.

A bonus feature that has been added to the Gidgee Slide is the carved edge that grants the player a more comfortable grip on the slide making it much easier to bend the slide finger improving pitch accuracy.